Reliability, flexibility and quality.

More than 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of insulation components for oil immersed transformers, continuous training of our staff, make our company a reliable and dynamic partner for our customers.


About us

Since 1985 our company has always believed that quality, service and technological research are the basis to offer an excellent range of insulation components.

We have reached, thanks to the continuous investments, the state-of-art with CNC 5-axis machining, appropriate automation and specially designed machinery.

Honesty, competence and flexibility allow us to meet every individual need with a wide range of processing procedures and top quality materials.

Our commitment to quality and environment is highly important – our company is certified in according to the UNI-EN ISO 9001:2008 Standard: we follow every processing stage (from receiving inspection of raw materials to the shipment of the finished products), thus ensuring the utmost accuracy to our customers.

The cooperation and the confidence with our customers are for us the right way to have a good working relationship.

The customer at the center

Our commitment to quality is very important – our company is certified according to UNI-EN ISO 9001:2008 Standard and we follow processing procedures which allow us to monitor every processing stage (from the receiving inspection of raw material to the shipment of the finished products) thus ensuring the utmost accuracy to our customers.

We respect the legislative decree 81/08 relating to safety in workplace and environment.


Corporate Values

LA.M.I includes GLOBAL SUSTAINABILITY in its corporate mission and much has already been done to pursue these objectives, as indicated below:

Renewable sources such as electricity
LA.M.I. has been installed a 40 KW photovoltaic system in order to produce electricity independently and reduce the environmental impact.

Energy saving
The new machines used by LAMI include drivers and electronic systems that support energy-saving solutions.

Waste recycling
The entire company works to differentiate and recycle waste such as paper, plastic, glass and metals, contributing to waste reduction and recycling of raw materials.

Our references.

We will do everything to satisfy your needs

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